Depending on the season, this hotel is recommended for family and group travel, where you can enjoy whale hunting (January to April), melon hunting (June to October), and sea bathing in the summer.
From 2017. 3/13【Quasi-natural】Introduce Komeiseki Hot Springs (artificial hot spring)! It can be bathed for 24 hours and it is convenient.
Ryugu no Yado (Former Irago Resort Hotel Ryugu no Yado)
Near the Irago Ferry Terminal, you can taste fresh fish and shellfish

【Official】Ryugu no Yado (Formally Irago Resort Hotel Ryugu no Yado)

・・・Relax in a nostalgic inn

■Irago specialties "large asariyaki"
■Seasonal local fish・Local shellfish・Local vegetables dishes
■Seasonal events that touch nature
■Sunset over the Mikawa Bay
■30 years or more loved by customers

【Quasi-natural】Komeiseki Hot Springs(Artificial)Hot water of, 24 hours bathing is possible

  • 【Quasi-natural】Introduced from Komeiseki Hot Springs (artificial hot spring) in March 2017

    The hot water at the public bath, where you can take a bath 24 hours a day,
    It's an artificial but hot spring.

    There seems to be some people who don't think it's a hot spring because of lack of advertising ...

    Since its introduction in March 2017, a stone called Kokakuishi has been placed in the public bath.

    A day hot spring is also available, so please feel free to come.

    Neuralgia・Rheumatism・Shoulder stiffness・Backache・Moth・Cold・Prenatal and postnatal cold・Fatigue recovery


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Hotel Name

Ryugu no Yado (Former Irago Resort Hotel Ryugu no Yado)


3000-63 Miyashita, Irago Town, Tahara City, Aichi Prefecture

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Along National Route 259, about 300 meters from Irago Ferry Terminal, yellow and white billboards are marked.

There is a transfer (conditions)
Please make a reservation in advance if you wish to transfer to the ferry terminal.
If you would like to pick up from a distance (10 people or more), please contact us.

Irago food hotel located on a hill overlooking Irago Port

  • You can enjoy the seafood of Irago every season

    3 minutes by car from Irago Ferry Terminal.
    We offer a variety of plan for families, couples, as well as business and student camps, and group trips. (For groups, please apply by phone. )

    Depending on the season, we also offer plan that combine accommodation with melon hunting and salmon hunting experiences.

    Irago Seaside Golf Club is also nearby, and we can also offer referrals as affiliated Ryokan.

    We look forward to welcoming you.


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    Please make a reservation on the day before / on the day by phone.
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