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Ryugu no Yado(Formerly Irago Resort Hotel Ryugu no Yado)


3000-63 Miyashita, Irago Town, Tahara City, Aichi Prefecture

Telephone number



It is located along National Route 259, about 300 meters from Irago Ferry Terminal, and is marked by a yellow and white sign.

There is a transfer (conditions)
 If you would like to be picked up and dropped off at the ferry terminal, please make a reservation in advance.
 If you would like to pick up from a distance (10 people or more), please contact us.


  • ■If you are using a car🚙

    ●From the Tokyo area
    ・Tomei Expressway Hamamatsu-nishi IC, take Prefectural Road 65 → National Route 1 → National Route 42 Irago for about 1 hour and 40 minutes.

    ●Nagoya and Osaka
    ・Toyokawa IC on the Tomei Expressway Irago National Route 259 for about 1 hour and 40 minutes.
    ・Tomei Expressway Otowa Gamagori IC, take National Route 1 → Toyokawa Tameto Interchange National Highway No. 23 → Osaki Interchange National Route 259 Irago for about 1 hour and 40 minutes

    Parking: Yes (Free)

    From Toyohashi, R259 is convenient.For those heading towards Tokyo, exit Hamamatsu-nishi IC and take R1 Hamana bypass, then R42.
    It takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes from the IC on either expressway (Toyokawa / Otowa Gamagori).
  • (Guidance of parking lot)

    There are two free parking spaces available.
    Hotel front parking lot, about 10 cars, (close to the entrance. )
    Sea side parking lot, About 20
    For more information about the location, please see the bottom right.
  • ■If using train/bus 🚅🚌

    Beyond Mikawatahara Station, only buses are available.Please note that there are few buses.

    ◆Bus use (No change)
    ①Toyohashi Toyohashi Eki-mae ⇒Get off at Toyotetsu bus Irago Main Line"Irago Sea Park-mae" ⇒ 2 minutes walk
    【①Bus ride time: approximately 1 hour 40 minutes】

    ◆Train ⇒ Bus (One transfer)
    ② Shin Toyohashi ⇒ Atsumi Line train terminal"Mikawatahara Station』\ ⇒Transfer ⇒③Toyotetsu Toyotetsu bus Irago Main Line Get off Irago Sea Park-mae" ⇒2-minute walk
    【②Train ride time: approximately 30 minutes】  【③Bus ride time: approximately 45 minutes】

    Please check the timetable at the bottom right.
  • ■Route across the sea

  • ■When using a ship (Ise Bay Ferry direction of Toba) 🚢

    ◆From Mie Prefecture and Osaka
    Toba Port, Mie Prefecture ⇒ ❶ Ise Bay Ferry (you can also board by car) “Irago Port” ⇒ Approximately 3 minutes by car(About 10-minute walk)
    【Ise Bay Ferry Boarding time, about 60 minutes】

    ※If you would like to make a reservation for Ise Bay Ferry
    ◆When coming from Aichi Prefecture / Nagoya
    Please see the following ■ When using a ship (Meitetsu high-speed ship).

    ★Customers coming on foot can pick up from Irago Port. Please call in advance to make a reservation.
  • 【Service benefits! 】Ise Bay Ferry boarding reservation & discount benefits (including vehicles)

    ■■■Ise Bay Ferry Boarding reservation & discount benefits(Including vehicles) Possible■■■
    Only customers using the hotel can make reservations in a limited number.
    (Bon, New Year holidays, Golden Week cannot be reserved by specifying the boarding time.First come first served.Discounts are available.)

    【If you would like to make a reservation for Ise Bay Ferry, please contact us by phone or email.】
      ※Ferry fees are not included in either plan.A separate payment is required on site.
    ① Ferry boarding date
    ② Desired boarding time
     Please check the timetable on the bottom right for the timetable.
     (Bon, New Year holidays, Golden Week cannot be reserved by specifying the boarding time.First come first served.Discounts are available.)
    ③ Departure port(Irago or Toba)
    ④ One way or round trip
    ⑤Representative name(Furigana)
    ⑥ Number of people(Adult(s)●First name / elementary school student●Name)
    ⑦ Board on foot or by car(Number and length → Vehicle type if unknown)
    ⑧ Mobile contact information for the day

    ・Vehicles over 6m and motorcycles are not eligible.
    ・On the day of boarding, please complete the procedure at the ferry terminal at least 20 minutes before boarding.
     At that time, if you are boarding a car, please show the car verification.
    ・Please pay the ferry price directly to Ise Bay Ferry
    (Credit card, paypay, ID, etc. can be used)
  • ■When using a ship (Meitetsu high-speed vessel direction of Nagoya / Kowa) ⛴

    ◆From Aichi Prefecture and Nagoya area
    Chita Peninsula Kouwa Port ⇒❷ Meitetsu high-speed vessel (cannot be boarded by car) "Irago Port" ⇒ About 10 minutes on foot
    【High-speed boat Boarding time, about 50 minutes】
    ※Please note that you cannot board by car.


    ★Irago Port can pick you up from Irago Port.Please call in advance to make a reservation.