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Ryugu no Yado(Formerly Irago Resort Hotel Ryugu no Yado)


3000-63 Miyashita, Irago Town, Tahara City, Aichi Prefecture

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Along the National Route 259, about 300 meters from the Irago Ferry Terminal, a yellow and white sign is a landmark.

There is a transfer (conditions)
 Please make a reservation in advance if you wish to transfer to the ferry terminal.
 If you would like to pick up from a distance (10 people or more), please contact us.
  • ■Access■

  • If you are using a car

    ●From Tokyo
    Tomei Expressway, Hamamatsu-nishi IC, Prefectural Road 65 → National Route 1 → National Route 42, about 1 hour 40 minutes toward Irago

    ●Nagoya and Osaka
    About 1 hour and 40 minutes from Tomei Expressway, Toyokawa IC to National Route 259, towards Irago

    Parking: Yes (Free)

    R259 is more convenient than Toyohashi. For Tokyo, exit Hamamatsu-nishi IC and R42 is more convenient than R1 Hamana bypass. It takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes after getting off the IC for both expressways (Toyokawa and Otowa Gamagori).
  • Guidance of parking lot

    There are two free parking spaces available.
    Hotel front parking lot, about 10 cars, (close to the entrance. )
    Sea side parking lot, About 20
    For more information about the location, please check from the bottom right.
  • By train or bus

    Mikawatahara Station, it is only a bus. Please note that the number of buses is small.

    ◆Bus use, (No change)
    ① Toyohashi Eki-mae ⇒ Toyotetsu bus, Get off at Irago Main Line `` Irago Sea Park-mae'' ⇒ 2 minutes on foot
    【1 bus ride time, About 1 hour 40 minutes】

    ◆Train バ ス bus, (One transfer)
    ② Shin Toyohashi ⇒ Atsumi Line train, End point "Mikawatahara Mikawatahara Station" ⇒Transfer⇒③Toyotetsu Toyotetsu bus, Irago Main Line, Get off at `` Irago Sea Park-mae'' ⇒ 2 minutes on foot
    "2 train ride time, About 30 minutes ", "3 bus ride time, About 45 minutes "

    Please check the timetable from the bottom right.
  • When using a ship

    ◆From Mie Prefecture and Osaka
    Mie Prefecture, Toba Port ⇒ ❶ Ise Bay Ferry (Can also board a car) `` Irago Port'' ⇒ About 3 minutes by car (About 10 minutes on foot)
    【Ise Bay Ferry boarding time, About 55 minutes】

    ■■■Ise Bay Ferry, Toba, Boarding available■■■
    For guests only, reservations can be made with a limited number of machines until 4:00 PM the day before.
    (Bonse, New Year holidays, Golden Week can not be reserved. First-come-first-served basis. )

    ◆From Aichi Prefecture and Nagoya area
    Chita Peninsula, Morozaki Port ⇒ Haruna Meitetsu high-speed vessel (Cannot board by car) `` Irago Port'' ⇒ About 10 minutes on foot
    【High speed boarding time, About 50 minutes】
    ※Please note that you cannot board by car from Morozaki Port.

    ★Customers coming on foot can pick up from Irago Port. Please call in advance to make a reservation.