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Accommodation Features・Facility

This facility does not have an elevator. It is only the stairs.
The main entrance and the front desk are on the second floor, and the rooms are on the first and third floors.
  • Front desk (Second floor)

    If you have any questions or problems during your stay, please contact the front desk.

    (Extension, No. 9)

    Opening Hours

    From 7:00 to 22:00, Extension 9

    In the morning, if you hurry,
    If you do not have breakfast,
    We are asking for payment on the day of your stay.
    Thank you.
    (Front desk, please by ~ 22: 00. )
  • Souvenir corner (Second floor)

    Local Atsumi melon sweets, etc.
    Are you a souvenir of your journey?

    Arrangements for courier service are also available.

    We also sell alcohol such as canned beer and canned high and soft ice cream.
    Please use it.

    Opening Hours

  • Restaurant with sea view (Second floor)

    Please spend a time of bliss while looking at the Irago Port.

    Irago also offer snacks such as spaghetti from Japanese dishes such as Irago specialties large clam and fresh set meals with sashimi.

    It is possible to use only meals other than hotel guests.
    (When the day is crowded, the menu and time may be limited. )

    Opening Hours

    11: 30 ~ 14: 00, ・, Evening to 19:30 last order


    Approximately 60 people

    (When the day is crowded, the menu and time may be limited. )
  • Large banquet room (Second floor)

    Large banquet room (122 square meters / 2 divided)

    Cushion: About 90 people
    Istable: About 40 people

    ■1st banquet room (Stage side)■
    57 square meters (Karaoke DAM)

    ■Second banquet room (Sea View)■
    65 square meters (No karaoke)

    ※Use of karaoke is until 21:00
  • Small banquet room (Second floor)

    Small banquet room(38 square meters)Karaoke DAM

    Cushion: Approximately 25 people
    Istable: About 20 people

    ※Use of karaoke is until 21:00
  • Resting pub (1st floor)

    How about a second meeting after the banquet?
    karaoke, DAM

    Opening Hours

    From 20:00 to 23:00


    About 40 people

Ryugu no Yado Information

Accommodation capacity

Approximately 80 people

Number of rooms

18 rooms in total
Japanese-style room-sea side six rooms / Japanese-style room-mountain side seven rooms
Western-style room-sea side(force)3 rooms / Western style-mountain side(Twin)2 rooms
※This facility does not have an elevator. Please note that it will be stairs only.

Check In

From 15:00 to 19:00 (15: 00-22: 00 without dinner)

Check Out


Room extension

1000 yen per hour after contacting the front desk
(It may be refused during peak periods such as New Year holidays, Golden Week, and Bon Festival. )

Internet related

Guest can use Wi-Fi.
The password is posted in each room. If in doubt, ask the front desk.

Hotel Facilities

Banquet room / Restaurant / Pub / Souvenir corner / Vending machine / Laundry corner / Microwave

Service ・ Leisure (Arrange)

Massage(Pay) /golf(Pay) /fishing boat(Pay) /Shogi(Pay) /Go(Pay) /Mahjong(Pay) /gymnasium(Pay) /ground(Pay) /tennis(Pay)/Wolf hunting・Melon hunting・Blueberry picking(Pay)/cleaning(Pay)/home delivery (Pay)

About card use

Visa · Mastercard only
※It may be different from the credit card available for online card payment.

・For accommodation use, it is limited to one person's accommodation fee 5000 yen or more.
(Not available at banquets, restaurants, pubs and shops)
・"Cash specials"plan can not use cards.

Cancellation provisions

From 7 days to 2 days prior・・・20% of room rate
The day before・・・30% of room rate
On the day of arrival・・・50% of room rate
No stay without notice・・・100% of room rate

※If there is a cancellation policy setting for each accommodation plan, that will take precedence.
※If you want to cancel due to typhoon, please contact us by phone.