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Hot Springs

  • 【Quasi-natural】Komeiseki Hot Springs(Artificial)Hot water of, "1st floor"

    The public bath has been transformed into quasi-natural Komeiseki Hot Springs (artificial).
    Please relax your everyday fatigue at Gwangaishi Komeiseki Hot Springs (artificial).
    Hot spring bath hours
    Guests can take a 24-hour bath (Day trip hot springs have a time limit)
    The hot water feels good and the water is difficult to cool.
    It is also known as “Tsuru Tsuru Suhada-no-yu (smooth bare skin hot water)”.
    Komeiseki Hot Springs (artificial) can be bathed for 24 hours.

    ※Quasi natural Komeiseki Hot Springs from April 2017 (Artificial)
     It became one-day hot spring rate revision by introduction.
     Please refer to the following for more information.
    Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Shoulder stiffness, Backache, Moth, Cold,
    Prenatal and postnatal cold, Fatigue recovery

    Quasi drug approval number, 14300DZZ00251000
  • About the bath

     Shampoo / Conditioner / Body Soap / Face Wash / Hair Dryer / Cotton Swab
    Hot spring bath hours
    Guests can take a 24-hour bath(There is a time limit for day trip hot springs, see below)
    Hot spring bathing category
    1st floor・Inner bath (Man 1/Woman 1)
    ※There are no lockers and safes. Please send valuables to the front desk or the safe in your room.
  • About one day hot spring

    Hot spring bath hours
    11: 00 ~ 15: 00/18: 00 to 21:00 out (From 15:00 to 18:00, it is not possible for hotel guest priority)
    ※Bringing towels or selling at the front desk.

    【One day hot spring amenities】
     Towel 150 yen, bath towel(rental)200 yen
     Toothbrush 30 yen, Razor 30 yen, Shower cap 20 yen
    Usage fee
    700 yen for one adult/Elementary school students 500 yen per person/Infant 300 yen per person (Tax included・No towel)