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Groups・Training camp・Golf

Accommodation golf pack【Accommodation golf pack resumed from April 2022】

  • Irago Seaside Golf Club,
    About 2 minutes by car. Enjoy playing on the scenic beautiful course.
  • ★Irago Seaside Golf Club

    Please check the price from the information at the bottom right.

    ★For reservations and inquiries, please call us.
    TEL 0531-35-6525

    ☆The reservation can be taken until the end of the month and the end of the month.
    Example 1: "May 1st, 9:00 until August 31st" available for reservation
    Example 2 "May 31st, 9:00 am to 9:00" can be reserved

Student Training Pack

  • It can be used for training camps of sports and culture.
    We can accommodate up to 90 people and we can also arrange gymnasiums. (15 minutes by bus to Atsumi Sports Park)
    If you are a cultural student, such as Go, Shobu Club, Chorus or Music Club, you can use the hotel and the banquet hall, so it is recommended that you spend less time traveling.
    Let's deepen the bond with friends at Irago Cape, which is rich in nature.
1 Night/ 2 Meals Included (Single)  "Elementary school student" 6,050 yen(Tax included) ~ [1 night only 6,600 yen(Tax included)]
【Junior high school students and above】  From 6,600 yen (tax included) [1 night only 7,150 yen(Tax included)]
One full meal (Single)  "Elementary school student" 6,930 yen(Tax included) ~ [1 night only 7,480 yen(Tax included)]
【Junior high school students and above】  From 7,480 yen (tax included) [1 night only 8,030 yen(Tax included)]

※For one night only, it is +550 yen (tax included).
Nice service!※Free use of the washing machine!

※Free transfer to Atsumi Sports Park! (1 bus for 28 people)

※Atsumi Sports Park facilities (gymnasium, baseball field, etc.) will be arranged. (3 months ago)
 Please check the usage fee from the following.

※One set of small towels and toothbrushes per person!
■Notes■ There is no bath towel and yukata, so please bring it with you.

※More than 50 people can also lend (Please don't give up on less than 50 people and consult once. )

※Apply by telephone 0531-35-6525
 (Please contact us as the fee will be different. )

Please feel free to contact us for any questions.
Additional amenities Bath towel rental, 200 yen
 yukata, rental, 300 yen
 Small towel, Purchase, 150 yen
 toothbrush, Purchase, 30 yen
Additional options●[Summer only! ] Change to dinner barbecue + 1,100 yen per person(Tax included)
          (In case of rain, it is changed to in-store dining. )

●"yukata・Bath towel added ", Single+500 yen (Tax included)

●【Adult cooking upgrade】 Please contact us from +1,100 yen (tax included) per person.
How to applyBy phone, 0531-35-6525

Group transfer plan, from October 2019

  • The secretary is happy.
    Welcome and, as a set to karaoke, it is profitable plan
Accommodation Plans"Two meals a night", 11,000 yen (Tax included)
"3 meals a night", 12,500 yen (Tax included)
Day trip plan"With lunch", 5,000 yen (Tax included)
Customer service (20 or more people)1 bottle of sake or juice, 1 bottle per person
2 karaoke 2 hours service
3 large rib bone liquor service or guest only morning coffee service
4 Shuttle bus free, but please pay the toll.
■Notes■※The above amount is the amount directly applied to the hotel.
Please apply by phone.

※Customers who contact us will be provided with a separate itinerary.

※The transferable range is within one hour 30 minutes as a rule.

※We accept consultations even for less than 20 people.