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Guidance of bathing

【Notifications As of 2021.6 / 21】The operation of the Irago Swimming Beach 2021 has been cancelled.

  • Unfortunately, the operation of Irago Swimming Beach this year has been canceled.

About 3 minutes on foot from the hotel to Coconut Beach Irago

  • Coconut Beach Irago is about a 3-minute walk from the hotel!
    You can enjoy sea bathing from the beginning of July to the end of August.

    It is convenient to be able to change to a bathing suit and walk close.

    If you are staying at the hotel, before check-in and after check-out
    Parking and public baths are available.

    Once you arrive at Irago, please come to our front desk first.

For customers going out to sea bathing

  • ❶ Before going out 【Please bring your swimsuit, towels, flip-flops, floats, sunscreen, etc. from your home! 】

    You are not allowed to bring out the facilities and equipment such as towels and slippers.

    Please bring your towel, bathing suit, beach sandals, floats, sunscreen etc. from your home on the beach.

    The air supply is available at the front desk. Please ask the front desk clerk.
    ●List of belongings (For reference only ...)
    ・bath towel
    ・Plastic bag
    ・Beach sandal
    ・Floating rings and sand toys such as buckets
    ・Picnic sheet
    ・Umbrella, or, tent
  • Arrive at Irago, "First, go to the front desk once"

    Once you arrive at Irago, please come to the front desk once.

    ※Even regular customers need to know that they have arrived, so

    At first we ask for procedure of check-in at front desk.

    し た ら If you are an overnight guest,
    Even before the check-in time (3 pm), the use of the parking lot and changing of clothes in the public bath is a service.

    Also, for guests only, discount tickets for Beach Slider Water Park can be handed over, so please ask at the front desk.
    ●Check-in to the room is from 3 pm.
    ●We may ask you to move your car.
    ●There are no lockers in the public bath. Deposit valuables at the front desk.
    ●If you want to use an air pump, ask the front desk staff.
  • Go to the car park on the sea side of the dock, "It is convenient to change clothes and put a towel on the car"

    If you leave your car in the sea side parking lot,

    When you return from the beach, you can change to the public bath smoothly with your change of clothes.

    If you need a change of clothes, please use the public bath.

    You can enter the public bath from the back entrance.

    ●There are no lockers in the public bath. Deposit valuables at the front desk.
  • The entrance to the back of the boat is here

    If you need a change of clothes, please enter from here and proceed to the left and there is a public bath.
  • Go out of the parking lot and take the first right, the next corner left

    Leave the parking lot and turn right,

    It is a beach when you go to the next corner to the left.

    It takes about 3 minutes to arrive.
  • After playing a kite・・・

    Remove the sand with a shower next to the parking lot,

    Lightly wipe the moisture off with a towel and request to this facility.
    ●As general visitor also uses large public bath, please drop sand as much as possible and enter the store.
     Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
  • Please wash off the sand in the bathing suit

    The public bath is also used by customers other than swimming.

    Please make sure to allow sand to flow in the outside shower before entering.

    In addition, lightly wipe the moisture with a towel etc., and it will be saved if you can enter the store.

    Thank you for your cooperation.
  • Please use the washing machine on the ground floor to dewater wet swimsuits.

    There is a washing machine next to the sea side entrance.

    Please use it for dehydration such as wet swimsuits.

    ●At night, there is a risk of theft, so please be careful.
    ●Other customers will use it as well, so please collect it as soon as possible after dehydration.
  • If it is after 3:00 pm To the front desk

    Room usage is from 3pm.

    After changing clothes, please come to the front desk.

    I will guide you to the room.
  • If you go to the sea bathing the next day・・・

    Check out is at 10 am.

    Use of the room is until 10:00,

    Parking and public baths are available after check out.

    You can enjoy sea bathing the next day.
    ●Please bring the trash to the front desk or take it home.
     Please do not throw it away to the parking lot etc.