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  2. Introduction of recommended products

Introduction of recommended products

Souvenir corner, Introduction of recommended products

  • ■Blue seaweed
    For miso soup, ramen, soba, and udon noodles!
    It is delicious even if you put it in tamagoyaki or tempura.

    This year, the capacity has increased and it has become more reasonable!
    One bag ¥ 540
  • ■Mask charm
    In the era of with corona, masks have become an indispensable item.
    How about a charm that decorates such a mask cutely?
    It is a magnet and easy to replace!

    This is also a limited quantity, so there are only a few left.
    Please understand when it is sold out.
  • ■Irago Nori Senbei
    Mikawa Bay flavorful sushi grilled from Mikawa Bay, with the flavor of blue seaweed and soy sauce.
    Please enjoy the scent of Amami Atsumi Peninsula.

    In a bag, 14 pieces ¥ 540
    Boxed(small)15 pieces ¥ 650
    Boxed (Large) 26 sheets ¥ 1080
  • ■Nori beans
    This product, which uses "Nori" from Mikawa and soybeans from Hokkaido, is perfect for rice!
    This is the most popular item in our shop!

    Nori beans, One bag ¥ 590
  • ■Melon sweets, Various
    Here in Atsumi Peninsula, there is also a farm where you can experience melon hunting from June to October.
    Sweets made with melon, which is also Atsumi's specialty, are perfect as souvenirs!
    There are pies, go frets and cream puffs as well.
  • ■Local shochu, ・, Aichi local sake
    Shochu and local sake are also available.
    Tahara Zao Sanroku, Shochu, "Kamewaka"

    A volunteer “Kamewaka Club” in the local Kamewaka district has grown organically and pesticide-free cultivated seedlings (sterile cultivated seedlings) of “Red Azuma” that received a lot of sunlight and sea breeze on the Atsumi Peninsula of the Amami Atsumi Peninsula.
    The raw material cultivated by organic cultivation is a delicious groundwater from the Alps, which is fed as split water and has a sweet scent that is easy for women to drink and a rich taste.
                  (This item is not eligible for discount.)
  • ■Ume shiso cold dried
    Brilliant pink plum shiso cold dried
    It just arrived recently, but the fans are already ...

    One bag ¥ 550(Tax included)
  • ■Melon pickles (Liquor・soy sauce)
    It is also a special product of Tahara City
    It is a pickle of the king of fruit, Muskmelon.

    Sake cake and soy sauce ¥ 600 each(Tax included)
  • ■Kai-kun products, various
    It was born from shellfish Dzukushi Atsumi, of your local Yuru-Chara "Kaikun"
    In the 2017 Yuru Chara Grand Prix, I was ranked 26th! (Out of 681)

    That guy became a mascot or strap.
    How about one to eat a large clam?

    strap, ¥ 350
    mascot, ¥ 800
    Kai-kun Kewpie ¥ 650
               (This item is not eligible for discount. )
  • ■Happy magnet
    The magnet is about 4 to 5 cm depending on the design, and it seems that Mikawa is used.
    The stickers are 12 cm in diameter and are weather resistant, so outdoor use is also OK.
    Koijigahama Beach a memorial or a small souvenir with a happy key in Kourogahama.

    sticker, ¥ 300
    magnet, 1 piece ¥ 350
    magnet, 3 items ¥ 1000
               (This item is not eligible for discount. )
  • ■Nail shine
    You can do it in 5 seconds in no time!
    File + gloss with this one!
    It is also recommended for those who can not do nail work.

    Nail shine, ¥ 1,320 (Tax included)
  • ■Skin cream, Horse oil
    ★Staff recommended product★
    For preventing dryness of face and decollete, and for minor burns ◎

    Horse oil ¥ 1,650(Tax included)

  • ■Natural stone handmade accessories
    Handmade accessories made of natural stone are perfect for summer!
    Because they are handmade, no two different natural stones and designs are the same.
    Find your favorite

    Earrings / 800 yen each
  • Please forgive when out of stock.

    In addition, the price may be changed due to purchasing and other reasons.
    Thank you for your understanding.