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  2. Limited to HP! Phone plan

Limited to HP! Phone plan

Only for those who are viewing the HP!  We have started a weekday discount telephone reservation plan!

  • Come on, call us too!

    You can stay at a reasonable price by making a reservation by phone.
    Depending on the course, the maximum price is 600 yen per person.

    Reservations are accepted from 10:00 am to 20:00 pm.
    Come on, call us too!

    When making a reservation, please say "course"course".

◆Telephone reservation plan, (Weekdays, 1 room for 2, 3, 4 people)

By phone, Nami courseOne person on weekdays, 9,900 yen, (9,000 yen tax excluded)
By phone, Tamatebako CourseOne person on weekdays, 11,000 yen, (10,000 yen tax excluded)
Ryugujo Course phoneOne person on weekdays, 13,200 yen, (12,000 yen tax excluded)
Japanese Spiny Lobster Tamatebako Course phoneOne person on weekdays, 14,300 yen, (13,000 yen tax excluded)
By phone, Japanese Spiny Lobster Ryugujo CourseOne person on weekdays, 16,500 yen, (15,000 yen tax excluded)
  • ※Please apply for this plan by phone. 0531-35-6525

    ※A plan with dinner and breakfast for one person on weekdays.
       (Adult charges for 2 to 5 people per room)

    ※For elementary school students, 70% of the above fee
      Infants, With meal futon, 4,950 yen (Tax included)
      Infant, meal only, 2,650 yen (Tax included)
      Infants and futon only, 2,300 yen (Tax included)
      Infants, Lying, 800 yen (Tax included)

    ※On Saturdays and the day before holidays, +1100 yen (tax included),
      There are days before holidays, such as 3 consecutive holidays.

      We cannot accept during busy seasons such as New Year holidays, Obon, Golden Week.

    Please confirm the plan contents by clicking the image below.