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  • Sea breeze and a bowl of romance

    • Cape Irago Lighthouse (3 minutes by car + 15 minutes on foot)

      Mikawa Bay lighthouse at the tip of the Atsumi Peninsula overlooking the Pacific Ocean from Mikawa Bay Built in 1924 (1929).
      Luminous intensity 17,000 candela.
      The “Irago Degree Dorai” (Irago Channel), which is said to be a difficult place in the sea, is considered one of the three major tides in Japan and plays an important role as an indicator of ships going to and from.
      Most of the vessels that go in and out of the port, such as Nagoya Port, the largest trading port in Japan, and Mikawa Port and Yokkaichi Port, which mainly export cars, enter and leave.
      Irago a symbol of Irago sightseeing and has been selected as one of Japan's 50 Best Lighthouses.
      (Sightseeing volunteer guide, cultural assets of Atsumi Peninsula)
    • Hii-no-Sekimon (5 minutes by car)

      There are two Kishi-no-Sekimon Oki-no-Sekimon Hii-no-Sekimon, the middle of which is a cave in the middle due to the stormy waves of the Pacific Ocean, and there is Oki-no-Sekimon on the Kishi-no-Sekimon, and as the name suggests, it shows a beautiful silhouette at sunrise.
    • Katahama Jusanri

      About 70km from Hii-no-Sekimon to Lake Hamana, there is a magnificent straight white sand beach.
      The endless coastline is beautiful, and the best point to see is around Hii-no-Sekimon.
    • Basho Okinoyuki Monument

      Basho Okinoyuki Monument

      On the rock near the entrance of the golf course, there is a monument of Basho engraved with "I found one hawk and I am happy Irago".
      This is the phrase when Basho excursed in Irago together with his retired Aikoshi Dukuni, who was residing in Hoimi in 1687, and the local haiku celebrated 100 years of his visit to Basho. ).
      (Atsumi Peninsula cultural assets of Atsumi Peninsula)
    • Manyo's Monument

      Manyo's Monument

      This monument is built on the old mountain slope behind the lighthouse at the tip of the cape.
      On the surface of the monument, a song written when the Imperial Family of the Tenbu Dynasty Aso (Omi no Okomi) was washed away on Irago, `` Sorry for the loss of Utsusemi's life and eat it on the island, and eat Tamamo on the island of Irago'' (Manyo Shumaki) I) is engraved by Suzuki Suigen's writing.
      (Atsumi Peninsula cultural assets of Atsumi Peninsula)
    • Monument to "coconut"

      In the summer of 1898, a folklore scholar Kunio Yanagida told his best friend Shimazaki Fujimura about the coconut fruit he had picked up when he stayed at Irago One of the palm fruits flowing from the island ...] was born.
      It was composed by Torani Onaka in 1936 and is still popular as a national song.
      (From the Tokai Seven Lucky Gods brochure)
    • Koijigahama Beach (3 minutes by car)

      About one kilometer from the lighthouse to the Hii-no-Sekimon facing the Pacific Ocean coast, is a beautiful sandy beach, which is curved in response to the Pacific Ocean in the rough seas.
      In addition, it has been selected as 100 selections in Japan “100 selections in Japan” (roads, corals, white sand, aomatsu, sound, landscape).
      It is also famous as a tourist attraction for hawks in the fall.
    • Koijigahama Beach from sunrise

      Sunrise than Koijigahama Beach, the month of January is whether the look sunrise is the most beautiful that rise from Shimen, the morning New Year's Day and want Ayakari to sunrise, customers look to tourism has been increasing year by year.
    • Irago Todaiji tile kiln trace

      This is one of the Atsumi old kilns where production activities were actively developed from the Heian to the Kamakura period. Pebbles are lined up at the outline of three ana kilns and preserved at a glance.At the ruins of the kiln where the tiles were rebuilt at the time of reconstruction of Nara Todaiji Kamakura, religious tools such as eave round tiles, eave flat tiles, flat tiles and tile towers engraved as `` Todaiji Daibutsuden tiles '' and tile towers have been excavated .
      (Atsumi Peninsula sightseeing bureau HP)
    • Irago Shrine

      A shrine with a deep connection to Ise Jingu
      This shrine, which is famous for the Gyomon Festival, was once called Iragu Daimyojin, and its origins date back to the 17th year of the Jogan era (875).Since this area was Irago Mikuriya, the territory of Ise Jingu Jingu, he had a deep connection with the Jingu.

      Today's Goclothes Festival is held on the third Sunday in April.
      In addition, at the fire festival "Gosendara Matsuri" that is held from New Year's Eve to New Year's Day, people bathe in flying sparks to purify themselves and pray for peace in the new year.
      (From Atsumi Peninsula Tourism Bureau website)
    • Atsumi Market

      About 3 minutes walk from the hotel.
      The auction starts around 12:30.
      Basically, it is closed on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

      ※Click here to jump to the posted page for the auction city holiday table.
      Please check from there.
      Currently posted → January to December 2023
    • Around Irago

      ・Strawberry Picking (10 to 15 minutes by car)【January to late April】
      ・Squid hunting(15-20 minutes by car)【Around March to June】
      ・Melon hunting (10 to 20 minutes by car)【June to October】
      ・Blueberry picking (10 minutes by car)【Late April to August】
      ・Irago Swimming Beach (3 minutes on foot)【Early July-Late August】
      ・Irago Shrine (5 minutes by car)
      ・Canola Flower Festival (7 minutes by car)【January to March】
    • Tahara area

      ・Sante Park Tahara (30 minutes by car)
      ・Zaosan Observatory deck (50 minutes by car)
      ・Tahara Municipal Museum (40 minutes by car)
      ・Tahara Festival Hall (40 minutes by car)
    • Higashi Mikawa area

      ・Non Hoi Park (60 minutes by car)
      ・Toyokawa Inari (90 minutes by car)
      ・Laguna Gamagori (100 minutes by car)
    • Toba going by Ise Bay Ferry (55 minutes by ferry)

      Irago Ferry Terminal takes about 3 minutes by car from the hotel to the Irago Ferry Terminal.

      ・Toba Aquarium
      ・Mikimoto Pearl Island
      ・Ise Jingu
      ・Shima Spain Village

      ※Guests staying at the hotel can make reservations for boarding the Ise Bay Ferry.
      For more information,★Please check the traffic access page.
    • Toba City Sightseeing Map

      Toba you would like to see the Toba sightseeing map, please click here.