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Sightseeing around

tourist information

  • Sea breeze and a bowl of romance

    • Irago Cape lighthouse (3 minutes by car + 15 minutes on foot)

      A white lighthouse at the tip of the Amami Atsumi Peninsula overlooking the Kuroshio Ending Pacific Ocean and the quiet Mikawa Bay.
      It was built in 1949 and has continued to protect the safety of ships that go around the sea. In 1998, it was chosen as one of the 50 best lighthouses in Japan as a memorable lighthouse.
    • Stone gate of Hiji (5 minutes by car)

      The rock gate of Hiji, which is in the middle of a cave in the middle by rough waves in the Pacific Ocean, has a stone gate off the shore and a stone gate on the shore, and as the name implies, it shows a beautiful silhouette at sunrise
    • Jusan Katahama

      It is about 70 km from the rock gate of Hijie to Lake Hamana, and the magnificent white sand beach continues.
      The coastline that goes on forever is beautiful, and the point to look at is the best around the stone gate of Hiji.
    • Koijigahama Beach (3 minutes by car)

      It is a beautiful sandy beach that bends due to the rough waves of the Pacific Ocean, about 1 km from the lighthouse to the stone gate of Hijie facing the Pacific coast.
      In addition, it is chosen as "one hundred selections of Japan" (road, green, white sand, green pine, sound, scenery) here.
      It is also famous as a tourist attraction for hawks in the fall.
    • Koijigahama Beach from sunrise

      Sunrise than Koijigahama Beach, the month of January is whether the look sunrise is the most beautiful that rise from Shimen, the morning New Year's Day and want Ayakari to sunrise, customers look to tourism has been increasing year by year.
    • Around Irago

      ・Strawberry Picking (10 to 15 minutes by car)【January to late April】
      ・Melon hunting (10 to 20 minutes by car)【June to October】
      ・Blueberry picking (10 minutes by car)【Late April to August】
      ・Irago Beach (3 minutes on foot)【Early July-Late August】
      ・Irago Shrine (5 minutes by car)
      ・Canola Flower Festival (7 minutes by car)【January to March】
    • Tahara area

      ・Sante Parc Takahara (30 minutes by car)
      ・Zaoyama Observatory (50 minutes by car)
      ・Tahara City Museum (40 minutes by car)
      ・Tahara Festival Hall (40 minutes by car)
    • Higashi Mikawa area

      ・Non Hoi Park (60 minutes by car)
      ・Toyokawa Inari (90 minutes by car)
      ・Laguna Gamagori (100 minutes by car)
    • Toba to go by Isewan ferry (55 minutes by ferry)

      ・Toba Aquarium
      ・Mikimoto Pearl Island
      ・Ise Shrine
      ・Shima Spain Village