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Frequently Asked Questions

We accept inquiries over the phone. 0531-35-6525

Also, when you send me an email, sorry to trouble you,
Please write "Inquiry" in the subject.
In the text,
 1 Name:
 2 phonetic:
 3 email address(Half size):
 4 phone number:
 5 mobile phones:
 6 postcode:
 ⑦ Address:
It would be helpful if you could fill inirako@ryugu.org
※If you can not reply or contact the contact information,
 There is also a possibility that I can not answer.
※It will take some time to answer by e-mail. Thank you for your understanding.
  • ■Do you have elevators?

    We do not provide.
    It is only a 3-story staircase.

    There is an entrance and front desk on the second floor.
    Rooms are on the first and thContinue reading
  • ■What time is check-in possible?

    Check-in is from 15:00.

    Also, the final check-in time is
     With dinner,Last 19:00
     without dinner,Last 22:00
    I am allowed to.Please.

  • ■what time is checkout?

    The final check-out time is 10:00.

    【If you wish to check out early in the morning】
    If you would like to check out early in the morning withContinue reading
  • ■Is there a convenience store nearby?

    It takes about 10 minutes by car to the nearest convenience store. (7.3km)

    It is not within walking distance, so we recommend that you comeContinue reading
  • ■About cancellation when typhoon approached

    When canceled due to typhoon approach,
    We will not charge you a cancellation fee if you contact us via phone.

    Rakuten Travel, Jalan Net, YContinue reading
  • ■Do you have a yukata / towel?

    Yukata, bath towels and towels are provided in the guest rooms.

    However, for infants, we only allow futons to be ordered.

    Also, if you useContinue reading
  • ■Is the bath a hot spring?

    The 1st floor bathhouse
    【Quasi-natural】Komeiseki Hot Springs (artificial hot spring).
      There is a stone called Mitsuakeshi in the baContinue reading
  • ■Do you have a covered parking lot?

    I am sorry.
    All weather type only.

    There is no parking space for motorcycles, so please park in the car parking space.
    If you have 2 to Continue reading
  • ■Can I smoke in this facility?

    You can smoke in your room,

    Smoking is prohibited in common spaces (restaurants, banquet halls, baths, etc.).

    Please use the outdoor smokiContinue reading
  • ■Is there a parking lot? (Route 259 Toyohashi)

    There are 2 free parking spaces available.

    1 front parking lot, About 10 (Along Route 259)

    If 1 is full, you will go down the slopeContinue reading
  • ■Is there a parking lot? Continued (Route 259 Toyohashi)

    Please enter the parking lot on the sea side from here.

    As the entrance is sloped, please ask the car with low height to the front parkingContinue reading
  • ■Is there a parking lot? (Route 259 Koijigahama Beach)

    1 front parking lot, About 10

    When 1 is full, go down the slope next to the building.
    2 sea side parking lot, About 20
    Thank you.

    BContinue reading
  • ■Is there a parking lot? (From the fish market)

    1 front parking lot, About 10
    There is an entrance on the left side (Route 259) up the hill.

    When 1 is full,
    2 sea side parking lot,Continue reading
  • ■Can I use Wi-Fi?

    It can be used almost throughout the facility. (Available for hotel guests only)
    The password is displayed in the room, so please use it.
    IContinue reading
  • ■What time does the entrance shut?

    The curfew is 22:00.

    If you plan to return later, be sure to ask the front desk before you go out.

    (When you go out, please deposit youContinue reading
  • ■How long can the restaurant be used?

    The last order is 19:30.
    On busy days we have a reservation system.
    Please make a reservation at the front desk.
  • ■What time is the bath?

    Hotel guests can use it 24 hours a day. (Other than cleaning)
    Although shampoo and other amenities are available, please bring towels, bath Continue reading
  • ■At which time does breakfast begin?

    Basically, it will be available from 8:00 am,

    Depending on your departure time, it is possible from 7:00, 7:30, 8:00, and the last 8:30.

    Continue reading
  • ■What time can I dine?

    Basically, it will be from 6:00 pm,

    According to your request, from 6:00 to 6:30 to 7:00, the last is from 7:30.

    When you check in, we wContinue reading
  • ■Is it okay to leave the yukata in this facility?

    Yukata and slippers are fine.

    The size of the yukata is
    【For adults】SS<small<During ~<Big<Oversized, Wide
    【for children】small<Great,Continue reading
  • ■What time is the shop until?

    It is from 8:00 to 21:00.
  • ■Do you have a vending machine?

    Juice is in front of the front desk on the second floor.
    There is no vending machine for alcohol, so it is sold at the front desk. (Until 2Continue reading
  • ■Do you have an ice machine?

    There is no ice machine that customers can use freely,

    Available at the front desk.
    (We will give you free of charge for use in your room.)Continue reading
  • ■Is there a toilet in the room?

    All rooms have a bathtub and a toilet with a washlet.
  • ■Is there a refrigerator in the room?

    The inside is empty. Please feel free to use it.
    Soft drinks vending machines are located in front of the front desk.
    Alcohol is solContinue reading
  • ■Can I use Wi-Fi in my room?

    It is available in all rooms and almost the whole area of the facility. (Available for hotel guests only)
    You need to enter a passwordContinue reading
  • ■Is there a dryer in my room?

    Both Japanese-style and Western-style rooms are available in the drawer of the mirror stand.
    It is the one of 1200w.
  • ■Where are you throwing diapers?

    We will prepare a bucket (with a lid) so please ask the front desk.
    Please do not throw away in the trash in this facility.
  • ■Where do you throw away dangerous materials such as injection needles?

    Sorry to trouble you, but please bring it to the front desk.
    As this is dangerous, please do not throw it away to the trash in this facilitContinue reading
  • ■Are the rooms non smoking?

    No, smoking is permitted in all rooms.
    We do not offer non-smoking rooms in particular, but if you wish, we are able to provide deodorant. Continue reading


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


If you are in a hurry from 9 to 21 please contact us by phone